Risk and hazard analysis

The evaluation of the obtained information leads us to the risk and danger analysis. The analysis is, if you take it seriously, already a complete security concept tailored to your facility.

The safety concept contains core data which are evaluated and assessed from a safety-relevant point of view. This includes, for example, safety gaps identified during the first ascent, urban hotspots, so-called "hot spots" which require increased attention, or construction-related safety gaps. Naturally, the identification of potential risks or dangers is accompanied by the corresponding desired or recommended solutions, including their implementation. Depending on the desired or recommended scope, site plans for patrols, the recommended equipment, the number of our employees and the recommended local position of our employees within your facility are also included. The procedures are discussed in as much detail as possible in order to be able to offer absolute transparency here too, because we want you to feel good about devoting yourself to the safety of your facility and the people who live and work there, together with us. The final part of the risk and hazard analysis is the preparation of an offer, in which we discuss in detail what will be done, to what extent and finally - at what price. We attach great importance to a balanced price/performance ratio, taking into account given economic aspects. Safety also means: Taking responsibility - and doing so competently. The risk and hazard analysis is a milestone. We would like to point out at this point that due to the enormous amount of time and effort required for the preparation of the risk and hazard analysis, i.e. the security concept, especially for your facility, an expense allowance must be charged if an order is not completed. You will receive a bound security concept from us, which will give you absolute insight into our working methods. We rely on your understanding, mutual trust and the associated discretion, regarding the disclosure, publication or reproduction to third parties.

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