Area controls

One possibility of object protection is for example the precinct service (mobile employee with vehicle). Ideally, this is supplemented by the installation of a burglar alarm system and, of course, structural measures such as security doors and windows. In case of a long-term booking, the precinct control is a very budget-friendly option for guaranteeing your security. Several times and at irregular times, the staff will check with or without a dog in your area, as desired, to make sure everything is in order. If we have determined in the security analysis that the weak points of the object are, for example, in the front or back door and a certain internal area, then our employees check exactly these points during their tour. They look for irregularities, such as windows and doors left open by mistake or the defect of technical equipment. They check whether the heating is still running or whether the lights have been left on and regularly check the locks. Together with the tried and tested alarm technology, the district service ensures security. Our employee is always on site if this is necessary. If necessary, he alarms the police, FFW or Technical Assistance Service and informs the customer of what is happening.

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