Needs analysis

To be able to put a face to the needs of our customers, we need to know them.

During the scheduled meeting, we will try to discuss together in advance what is particularly important to you, because only if we know the main points of focus, can we reach our goal together. Focal points, special features that depend on the time of day, events from the past, planned milestones, media presence, public interest, even doubts and concerns are factors that can influence future cooperation and make the associated importance and knowledge of it important. Even information that is not considered worth mentioning can be the linchpin between progress and standstill.

Within the needs analysis, we naturally also clarify fundamental core factors, such as the size of the facility, occupancy situation, target group orientation, location determination, to name just a few. An initial inspection of the facility is part of the extended information gathering process. In addition, we take aerial photographs of the property in question - subject to permission - in order to gain a better overview of environmental and infrastructural factors.

By evaluating your needs and the information provided, we can then provide you with a risk and danger analysis.

We don't mean to say that you don't know about the risks or dangers in your facility, but fresh eyes open a wider view of the big picture - so you are on the safe side and at the same time get a security concept that is specifically tailored to your facility.

A basis for working in the security industry is discretion - which we take for granted - and the obligation to maintain silence towards third parties with regard to the information provided.

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