Construction site protection

It is often necessary to protect employees on the construction site. Construction site protection requires the highest level of professionalism. As an established security company, we have quickly recognised the need for comprehensive protection and permanent monitoring of construction sites and have geared our security services specifically to the needs of building owners and their employees.
Whether old building renovations, new buildings, conversions or the most diverse extensions. Our security team offers you effective protection for your construction site and makes the combined know-how of our employees available for the realisation of maximum protection, as well as their wide-ranging training and extensive experience. Don't leave the protection of your construction site to chance and risk no damage this way!

Construction site supervision

Construction sites and other building projects of various sizes are real gold mines for thieves. Unfortunately, cases of vandalism also occur time and again. For this reason, it is important for construction site operators to ensure that materials, tools and construction machinery are ready for use and stored safely.

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