Our approach to JugendProtect!

We receive a request from your institution.

Upon receipt, we review the young person's file and, after consultation with psychologically trained staff, make a decision as to whether the young person is a suitable client for our services.

An individual report with a "contact guide" is written for each young person according to the files.

In a preliminary discussion with responsible persons, such as the institution, the youth welfare office and the young person's legal representatives, a possible setting is worked out on the basis of the institution's specifications.

Initial interview/first contact with the young person "getting to know" the young person

The initial contact is arranged as desired.

Possible options are visits to the previous facility, in the form of an excursion to the new facility, or possibly through an outpatient familiarisation phase.

The further procedure will be worked out together with the institution.

In doing so, we agree with you on individual action guidelines, service instructions, areas of responsibility and the personal responsibility of the Protect24 team.

In a briefing, our team is instructed on the following points

  • Special features, symptoms and problems of the young person
  • Setting
  • Institution
  • Service and action instructions

As part of our activities, we will be happy to advise you with regard to security in your home and possible technical improvements.

Example of a first day

We accompany the young person to the new facility in the presence of an educator. Protect 24 stays in the background and lets the young person arrive in peace. We attach great importance to the fact that the first day in the new facility and the first day in the old facility are accompanied by the same staff member. A familiar face accompanies the young person passively through the often emotionally difficult phase of getting to know each other. This often gives the young people a feeling of security, as we are the "new ones" together and the young person is somewhat out of the focus of the group. The support that the young people experience as a result usually leads to a relaxed and positive start to group life.

Depending on the setting, the young person will meet another member of our team in the late afternoon, who will also accompany him/her in the coming days. We try to keep the number of contact persons to a minimum so that a basis of trust can be established more quickly.